Cyberpunk Universes

Invited by KOKO Camden to work on an extra special Halloween event hosted by Anywhere Else Events, using three asymmetrical video displays.

The content for this project is the result of an exciting collaboration between myself, the Lighting Designer Kieran Kijo from Vivid, and our visionary client.

Together, we delved into the depths of a futuristic Cyberpunk world, conjuring an electrifying array of dystopian figures that pulse with life and intrigue. This immersive experience is brought to vivid reality through a dazzling display of neon embellishments and otherworldly alien effects.

Our combined efforts have crafted a narrative where the stark beauty of a dystopian future meets the vibrant, luminescent aesthetics of a high-tech, neon-lit wonderland. Each character and visual element is meticulously designed to draw attendees into an unforgettable journey through a world where the line between human and machine blurs, and the surreal becomes the everyday.